WLAN Systems

Wireless intrusion prevention systems

The Enterprise Voice Solution from Motorola turns the desktop into a pocketable virtual office, delivering comprehensive mobile access over the WLAN to the voice and data services needed to increase productivity, collaboration, and customer satisfaction. This standards-based solution easily integrates as a non-intrusive overlay to existing PBX and WLAN infrastructures.

An industry first, the Motorola AirDefense system is a vendor-agnostic wireless intrusion prevention system that monitors the airwaves 24x7 and provides the most advanced solution for rogue detection and mitigation, intrusion detection, policy monitoring and compliance, automated protection, forensic and incident analysis, and remote troubleshooting.

Switches and Access Points

Intrusion Protection and Monitoring

VoWLAN Solutions

"Enterprise mobility is considered a business necessity today, but most organizations still continue to be concerned about the operational costs associated with maintaining the increasing number and complexity of applications, devices, and services available over today's wireless LANs," says Roy Wittert, General Manager for Wireless Network Solutions, Motorola Enterprise Mobility Solutions, Australia and New Zealand.

"Motorola is bringing unimaginable efficiencies to the wireless LAN, whether it is AirDefense or Enterprise Voice Solution," says Chris Pace, IP Radio Solutions Manager at BearCom. "These are the kinds of solutions that every company should consider, given the prompt ROI that our customers are seeing."
Wireless intrusion prevention systems

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“Since we have changed our vendor to BearCom, we are seeing significant improvements in our communications.”

Duane Drouin

Operations Field Supervisor
American Medical Response


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