Remote Call Boxes

Remote call boxes for emergencies

BearCom manufactures a complete line of remote call boxes. Custom designs and colors are available upon request.

Remote call boxes commonly feature push-to-talk, release-to-listen operation and are ideal for access control for remote gates and doors. They can also be used to turn on a strobe light to flag the location for security personnel and listen to activity nearby. Call boxes can be powered by a solar panel if located outside.

Remote Call Boxes

Troy University recently installed emergency call boxes in every building on its campus in an effort to improve security. "After the tragedy at Virginia Tech, Troy University reassessed its security protocols to improve campus safety," Dean of Student Services Mary Ragland says. "The new call boxes are one of several enhancements we have undertaken in the past year in an effort to provide a safer environment for our students."

"Remote call boxes serve as a deterrent to crime," says Vernon Hogue, Special Projects Manager at BearCom. "Many of our customers have told us that once they installed the device, reports of criminal activity declined. So not only does it save money over the long run, but it can be highly effective at preventing crime."
Remote call boxes for emergencies

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“Since we have changed our vendor to BearCom, we are seeing significant improvements in our communications.”

Duane Drouin

Operations Field Supervisor
American Medical Response


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