Mobile Command Centers

Dallas Police Department Mobile Command Center, interior mobile command center

Today's breed of mobile command centers (MCCs), such as the more advanced designs engineered and built by BearCom and LDV, often include a bevy of cutting-edge wireless communications equipment and related technologies.

The MCC provided to the Dallas Police Department features the latest equipment from the likes of Motorola, Firetide, Dell, Cisco, Raytheon JPS, Panasonic, RGB Spectrum, Firecom, NEC, and Tyco.

Mobile Command Centers

Mobile command centers give public sector entities the ability to more effectively respond to a crime in progress. These vehicles are loaded with wireless technologies, moving command into the field while creating a safer environment for officers and other first responders.

Lieutenant Jeff Cotner of the Dallas Police Department (DPD) recognized that the City of Dallas, as well as the DPD, had a need for such a capability. "The City of Dallas did not have up-to-date technology or other similar capabilities," Cotner says. "Previous mobile command centers did not have wireless or satellite connectivity, radio interoperability, video conferencing, or the ability to receive varied video feeds. The city needed a vehicle with multi-use rooms and the ability to stay on station for days, not hours."

The early verdict is that the MCC has been well worth the investment. "This vehicle is such an improvement over its predecessor," says Cotner.
Dallas Police Department Mobile Command Center, interior mobile command center

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“Since we have changed our vendor to BearCom, we are seeing significant improvements in our communications.”

Duane Drouin

Operations Field Supervisor
American Medical Response


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