Mesh Broadband Networks

Mesh broadband networks

BearCom carries the complete line of wireless mesh broadband networks from Motorola and Firetide. You can purchase these networks from us, and we also rent systems for short-term use.

The connection points in a wireless mesh broadband network are provided by mesh nodes. Each node contains data and/or links to other nodes and uses the network to communicate. The nodes link to each other wirelessly, eliminating expensive cabling.

Mesh Broadband Networks

Faced with budgetary pressures, many public sector entities struggle when it comes to affording robust technology solutions that can make a difference in the lives of their constituents. Wireless technology has been the exception to this rule. That is especially true when it comes to mesh broadband networks, which eliminate the need for expensive cabling.

Mesh technology has attracted important supporters, such as analyst Craig Mathias of Farpoint Group. "I've long been an advocate of mesh architecture, the most important architectural direction for wireless communications overall," he says. "Broadband infrastructure mesh is the only solution that can cost effectively and reliably scale to cover large geographic a reas with high-bandwidth connectivityquite distinct from WiFi and cellular."
Mesh broadband networks

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“Since we have changed our vendor to BearCom, we are seeing significant improvements in our communications.”

Duane Drouin

Operations Field Supervisor
American Medical Response

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