IP Video Surveillance Cameras

PTZ ad Fixed IP Video Surveillance Cameras

BearCom carries several PTZ ad Fixed IP video surveillance cameras from Sony Electronics and Panasonic. You can purchase these devices from us, and we also rent cameras for short-term use.

The most common types of IP video surveillance cameras include fixed and pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ). PTZ and fixed cameras can be integrated into a wireless mesh broadband network, which often dramatically reduces installation costs and increases mobility.

IP Video Surveillance Cameras

The City of Houston recently deployed a wireless video surveillance system as part of a Homeland Security-funded initiative. The city can expect the standard cost savings that come with such a deployment, according to Mike Butler, Engineering Project Manager at BearCom. "It will act as a force multiplier, allowing police officers to monitor wide areas of the city from surveillance cameras," he says.

Whether it is more permanent deployment of video surveillance systems or temporary ones that are incident based or related to a one-time event, the cat is out of the proverbial bag as far as the utilization of such technology, according to Rob Arnold, a Senior Industry Analyst for Frost & Sullivan. "There is increasing demand by businesses and enterprises to unify the command, control, and management of their various video applications," Arnold says, singling out video surveillance as one of those emerging applications.
PTZ ad Fixed IP Video Surveillance Cameras

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