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Motorola XPR6300

The Motorola XPR6300 digital two-way radio is a combination of MOTOTRBO two-way radio functionality combined with advanced digital technology. This unit makes for easy migration with operating capability in both analog and digital. It is available in UHF and VHF versions, with both having 32 channels.

About the Motorola XPR6300 from BearCom

The complexity of your operation and the size of its workforce may well dictate that you should be using the Motorola XPR6300. This device is a member of the MOTOTRBO series and delivers increased capacity and spectrum efficiencies, integrated data communications, and higher-quality voice capability.

Additional Information about the Motorola XPR6300 from BearCom

Emergency signaling allows a user to send a help signal from the Motorola XPR6300 to a predefined person or group. Its rugged and durable design means that it is tightly sealed to resist wind and dust. This MOTOTRBO unit is also submersible in up to one meter of water for 30 minutes.

More Details about the Motorola XPR6300 from BearCom

The programmable side buttons on the Motorola XPR6300 make it easy to access your favorite features, such as one-touch calling and quick text messaging. Bright sensors, in the form of a tricolor LED indicator, convey feedback of calling, scanning, or monitoring functions. And the emergency button can notify a supervisor or dispatcher in the midst of a crisis situation.

Motorola XPR6300

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